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Mirador State Park
The kingdom of the Northern Tiger Cats

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The Northern Tiger Cat (Leopardus tigrinus) is the cat species we detect the most at Mirador State Park. We obtain new records every time we check the cameras (approximately every 2-3 months). Given the species' threatened status, both at the national and global levels, it is very important to continue studying it in this area. Mirador has already been identified as a potential key area for the global conservation of the species. What could be the cause of this? Does Mirador offers a different set of conditions from those of other areas in the Cerrado biome (or in the tiger cat's range for that matter)? Although we are currently addressing these questions (stay tuned for the results), we can already point out at the extreme rareness of the larger Ocelot (Leopardus pardalis) as one of the main reasons why Northern Tiger Cats are seemingly abundant here. 

Researcher Dr. Tadeu Gomes de Oliveira talking about the Northern Tiger Cat.

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