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Camera Trapping

Having cats show up on camera is one thing, being able to get density estimates from it, is a very different ball game! In the past few years, we have massively intensified our efforts of yielding abundance estimates, ideally in the form of density estimates or relative abundance, for all species in as many places as possible. Some of these estimates are being analyzed as of now. We follow PWCB’s standard protocol.

  • 30 density estimates made or in the making (and growing) for all the species 

  • 110 abundance estimates (including relative abundance and density) for all felids, 98 for the small cats and 12 for the big cats. 


Density estimates of margays, northern tiger cats, southern tiger cats, jaguarundis, Geoffroy’s cats, Pampas cats, and ocelots in Brazil, generated by PWCB

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