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Live Captures

Capturing cats is no easy task, but luckily, we have managed to a record breaking of unbelievable 141 individuals!  Animals were caught for a series of motives, mostly to attend Brazilian environmental regulations related to studies of environmental assessments and/or monitoring (the majority), or purely scientific.

Success can be 1 cat/night but, on special occasions, it could get up to 5 cats/day. This has happened before, believe it or not!

  • These captures comprise the leading researchers career achievements. Animals captured were either radio-collared (few due to lack of funds) and/or had biological samples collected for disease or genetic analyses. 

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We usually trap cats using Tomahawk style traps. Afterwards we sedate the animal and proceed to work. ​Once the effect of the sedative passes the animal is released. We follow standard protocols designed to minimize the stress to the individual.

The release...

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